About Us

Initial Visit: The initial visit includes completing appropriate paperwork and explaining to Dr. Gustafson  your goals in seeking chiropractic care. Dr. Gustafson will take a detailed history and perform an examination. Expect to be in our office for 1 and ½ hours because of Dr Gustafson's eye on detail and desire to fully understand your condition. If further testing or information is required he will work with you to obtain that information. He will then explain what course of treatment he feels is appropriate for you and with your permission he will initiate treatment.  At the end of your first visit, you and Dr. Gustafson will decide if further treatment is necessary, and if so, sketch out an appropriate treatment plan. Some conditions resolve in one visit, while some require further care.

Dr. Gustafson is trained to work with you to discover the cause of your pain or dysfunction, and to assist you in finding ways to avoid perpetuating it, often without discontinuing your athletic activities. Specific stabilizing techniques, exercises, and stretches are often a component of treatment.

Hours: Office hours are Monday Wednesday and Friday from 8:30-12:30 and 3:00-5:30 and Tuesday from 10-12:30 and 3-5 All visits are by appointment. We will be happy to schedule appointments for you. Chrisitne,our office manager is available to answer questions regarding insurance, payment options, and other general office information.

Does Your Insurance Company Cover Services in Our Office? The majority of our patients pay cash for services in our office. However, you may want to explore your insurance coverage for possible chiropractic benefits. 

Dr. Gustafson is not currently a provider for any HMO health plans in Arizona. Please call the office for information on current health plan affiliations. If you belong to a general insurance planwe will be pleased to submit claims for your reimbursement. If you are involved in an auto accident, we would be happy to help you explore coverage through your auto insurance, or through the insurance of the party at fault. We may  work with an attorney or accept a lien. Care for work-related injuries (overseen by the Industrial Commission of Arizona) is often covered 100% by Worker's Compensation. Check with our office for clarification of coverage. Currently We accept assignment of Medicare, Blue Cross, and Cigna.

Empowerment through Education: 

Dr. Gustafson believes that an informed patient is a healthier patient. He will be happy to teach you more about how your muscles and bones interact with the rest of your body so that you will be better able to maintain your optimum level of structural health. He is also interested in showing you how to eat healthier to better maintain your overall health.

Cancellation Policies

We have a cancellation or "No Show" policy which will result in a $35.00 charge to your account if you do not call 24 hours prior to your appointment to cancel. Please let us know as soon as you realize you will be unable to be at your appointment. (Please note that Medicare and Insurance Companies will not pay for missed appointments. The patient will be responsible for paying the cancellation fee.)